Leadership – Part Seven

The common factors of a leadership are:

  • They are Principled
  • Always set out to change things
  • Had thoughts and ideas that motivated others
  • They were noticeable.

Leaders get up thinking about tomorrow, are very focused on a group, walk with a collective passion of the entire organization towards a great future and use their talent to widely spread a shared commitment.

Leadership styles can be broadly classified into four categories. They are:

Autocratic Leadership Style In this style of leadership, the leader has all the power. It’s a monarch kind of a system wherein the employees are not considered for any but orders made.

Bureaucratic Leadership Style In this style of leadership the leader strictly abides himself and the teams as per the rules and follows documents for every decision to be taken.

Democratic Leadership Style In this style, the employees are consulted before a decision is taken unison is maintained in any work done.

Laisezz – Faire In this type of leadership, the leader avoids any kind of activity and the complete decision making lies in the hands of the employees.

Some other characteristics other than the ones mentioned above are:

Act on opportunity  Leaders have the tendency to spot an opportunity and work on it immediately. This is an important quality of a leader and the one that separates leaders from others.  

Considerate  Being considerate towards team members and standing against the management to support my team is much needed.  This builds a strong relation of trust between team members.

Inspiring and Motivational Inspiring team members by helping them to realize their own potentials and work accordingly towards the achievement of their goals. When the work being done by the team members helps them to achieve their goals, it is quite easy to motivate them and inspire them. This method helps to attain great results in terms of productivity from the team members.

Decision Making  Consulting opinions from the team before a decision is made builds a strong feeling of being a part of the team, a part of the organization.

To know their team:  When you acknowledge the team members with their names and remember them, it gives them immense pleasure and feel valued by the organization.

Photo credit – http://pixshark.com/good-leadership.htm


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