Leadership – Part Three

Characteristics of Leader

Communication A leader has the ability to communicate well. Communication is an important aspect for any team building. It is imperative for a leader to explain and help his team to understand the importance of the work that they are doing. Communication has the power to make or break a team. Thus, every leader needs to be a good orator so that his ideas are conveyed to others the right way.

Ability to form one on one relationship By having a close relationship, the leader wins the confidence of the team and builds a strong relationship because which the team is completely dedicated to him and will stretch to any lengths in order to reach the goals set by their leader.

Good Listener Not only should the leader have the ability to communicate well but also needs to have the art of listening. It’s a give and take process. Nobody will be willing to anything to a person if they are not willing to listen to their subordinates. It not only enhances the relationship between a leader and a follower but also provides solutions and ideas based on which the company can grow further.

Surrounds with Like-minded People There is a famous saying:” Birds of one feather flock together”. This is true even in everyday life. One likes to be in a company that makes them feel like one amongst them. A leader surrounds himself with like-minded people so that there is a constant encouragement and motivation around.

Refuse others to dictate how they should do certain things Leaders are their own boss. They will ask suggestions on a particular topic but will not take any orders as to how to do a particular work.     

Knows his or her strengths and weaknesses Every leader knows their strengths and play to their fullest potential utilizing their strengths and also knows how to utilize their strengths to win others.

Recognizes Change A leader has this unique ability to recognize change and also knows how to implement it. A leader also has this ability to recognize change and work accordingly. It’s a well-known thing that the only thing that can remain constant is change. Whenever a change happens in the external factors, environment, a leader immediately recognizes it and works on it to make it a strength for the organization than working about it.

Optimistic and Confident A leader is optimistic all the time. He is always looking for opportunities even in the gloomiest of the times. One of the quality that differentiates a leader from the lot is being confident. When the whole world is following one thing, a leader does not think twice to follow the way he feels has more potential and does that with utmost confidence.


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